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Salon 1938's History

Many people ask us where the name “Salon 1938” came from. We thought we would give you a brief background of how our dream became a reality. 


Our owner, Samantha Johnston, graduated high school in 2006 and within a year she knew the direction of her career path, cosmetology. She believed her creative spirit would be happiest in a salon setting and thats where her idea of becoming an exceptional hair stylist came from. After completing her schooling at Paul Mitchell California Academy and interning at a local salon she moved to the next level of being an independent contractor. Year after year she was pushed to sharpen her skills and exceed the expectations of her loyal clientele. Once her foot was in the door with understanding the industry she knew, by growing up around family ran companies, that as she progressed further into her career she wanted to open her own salon. 

In late 2014 that idea became tangible. Blue prints started to be made and the design process quickly followed. During the first few steps of creating the salon she knew a name needed to be chosen. 1938 representing the square footage of the space being designed, it symbolized a marking of the starting point of where this company began as we hope to grow to new locations throughout the coming years. January of 2016 we opened our doors and it has been ever changing to see the support and love we receive day in and day out. We thank you our clients and friends for your unwavering support and loyalty to us. We hope every time you walk in our doors your hair appointment is not only that, but also an experience. 


Salon 1938, Construction, Hair Salon Construction, Hair Salon in Granite Bay, Hair Salon Granite Bay, Panoramic view of Salon
Salon 1938, Hair Salon in Granite Bay, Hair Salon Granite Bay, Panoramic view of Salon
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